Darkroom Tools

The negative drying cabinet is shelving material, some 2×2 and air-conditioning filter from the local hardware store. It has an 80 watt heater in the bottom that was from an electrical box, but I seldom use heat.

The 4×5 film washer is Plexiglas glued together with Loctite Attak. I then went over the joints with fish tank silicone.

The darkroom sink is of 12mm plywood. The joints are sealed with tech7. I then painted it with 6 ( or was it 7) coats of boat paint. It is sitting on a frame work built with 2”x2” lumber.

The print washer is a plastic container form the local hardware store with a Plexiglas false wall at the drain end to force drainage from the bottom. The separators are Plexiglas held in place with PVC trim. Water is injected in each section from a plastic pipe clamped to a water hose. The “jets” are 2mm holes drilled at appropriate intervals.