4X5 View Camera

 I built this camera with slight modifications to Jon Grepstad’s plans in the winter of 2006/07.

The Cherry wood came form Interwood AS in Drammen, Norway. I got the brass plate from Class Ohlsen and Metals Online. The Bellows are of Porter’s Darkroom Cloth and Doug Bardell’s recipe. The brass screws are from Lowes and McMaster-Carr. The lens is Fujinon 150 “won” on E-Bay.

The parts are all hand-planed. If i had it do do over again I would use an electric planer. The joints were done with a band saw. Any tool available that could have sped up this process would also be welcome.

All in all this project was well worth the effort. It took a while but I have now spent more time using it than building it and don’t regret one second of build time.

The camera has proven to be ridged, stable, light-weight and packable.

May 2009